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Newsgroups: alt.self-improve
From: (Rex Ballard)
Date: 12 Sep 1994 03:36:03 -0400
Local: Mon, Sep 12 1994 2:36 am
Subject: Re: Landmark Education
Newsgroups: alt.self-improve
From: (Rex Ballard)
Date: 12 Sep 1994 03:36:03 -0400
Local: Mon, Sep 12 1994 2:36 am
Subject: Re: Landmark Education
In article 
Howard Sambol  wrote:
>In article <>, Neil Chapman  wrote:

>> I was wondering if anyone reading has had any experiences, good or bad, about >> Landmark Education, The Forum, or any of their work . . . . . . . >Neil:

I did the Forum in 1991 and have been assisting as a volunteer for the past 3 years. I have spent some time with graduates.

>Many years ago, back in the early to mid 80's I was involved with WE&A and did the est training and a very early version of the Forum called the Forum intensive

EST was a predicessor of the Forum. They are very different. Thedilivery and technology are very different. Today, Forum Leaders are not allowed to use swear words, breaks are closer together and moe carefully managed (breaks are now every 2 1/2 to 3 hours) and the course takes 3 consecutive days instead of 2 weekends, plus the evening session.

>. The work was very powerful and valuable at the time and inspired me to create a unique consulting business called ENCOMPASS which focuses on Career Transition in a transformational context.

The Forum is designed to give you access to destiguish those areas in your life that limit you or prevent you from achieving those things which you are committed to accomplishing. Most people report extraordinary new abilities (called breakthroughs) in the area of personal relationships, confidence, personal effectiveness, making and acting on powerful choices, and living life fully.

>However, after a while, I got tired of the exploitation and the way the organization was run and so I bowed out. I have some friends that are

In 1992, Landmark looked at itself and has been altering it's business practices to more effectively serve the participants. Different people go on to different levels. Some people come to theForum and do nothing else, but they take their lives on in a more powerful way. Others participate as volunteers. The olunteers are actually required to get more out of their service than the put into it (training, development, breakthroughs in personal and professional lives...)

They have a program called the Curriculum for living which promises that when you complete it, you will be living a life you love, powerfully and effectively. I completed it in 1992 and have found it to be remarkably true.

>still involved with the now Landmark Education and they tell me "how different it is". I do believe that it is probably quite different now but am somehow not drawn to participate. I have my own work to do and I'm doing it.

There are many people who are very much like this. They reach a point where they are satisfied with the quality of their life and they are producing breakthroughs in their live out of structures they have set up as a result of their participation in Landmark.

>If you'd like to know more about our work at ENCOMPASS with Career Crafting, please send me some e-mail.

There are many success stories from the participants of Landmark. I personally had several breakthroughs in my career and volunteer activities. If you would like I can refer you to the Landmark public relations people as well.

I have brought several people to the free introductions who did not register, but who got something out of the introduction that had them take on certain areas of their lives very powerfully. My brother went back to college, two friends started their own businesses, and one started a new career. This is only from the 2 hour introduction. The people who spend 48 hours (3 15 hour days and a 3 hour evening) come away with new relationships with wives, parents, siblings, bosses, and coworkers.

I've gotten to know about 2000 participants for about 2 years. Many stay for about 3 to 9 months, and then find their life is too full to do more seminars. Others stay on and become leaders and volunteers.

I came to the Forum after 11 years in a 12 step program. In that program I had experienced amazing results, including marriage, children, and career I hadn't thought possible. By the start of the second day, I was learning things it had taken me ten years to practice, but now I had access to what that was and how to be effective. The other people didn't even have this background and they were also mastering these practices. Landmark was doing in three days to 130 people what took me 6 months to accomplish with a single sponsee.